Mercedes and Ferrari drama spills off the track

It was a British Grand Prix filled with drama both on and off the track.

Home favourite Lewis Hamilton started on pole but got off to a bad start and dropped down to fourth. He was then hit by Ferrari driver Kimi R?ikk?nen into Turn 3 and plummeted to the back of the grid.

The Briton managed to recover second place but it was his arch nemesis Sebastian Vettel who took the victory.

The four time world champion declined to be interviewed at parc ferme but eventually revealed his frustrations when interviewed on the podium.

“Interesting tactics I would say from them [Ferrari] but we’ll do what we can to fight them,” Hamilton said.

R?ikk?nen may have taken the blame (and the penalty) but just like Hamilton, Mercedes were fuming.

It is the second time in three races that one of the Ferrari drivers have taken out one of the Mercedes drivers at the race start.

In a post-race interview with Sky Sports F1 Toto Wolff admitted the Hamilton – Raikkonen clash was a racing incident, but his anger still seeped through.

“Le Castellet [French Grand Prix] was the first time we got taken out and this is the second – it’s a lot of constructor points.”

“To put it in James Allison’s [Mercedes technical chief] words, this is either deliberate or incompetence.”

Hamilton later added during the post-race press conference: “All l would say is that it’s two races in which a Ferrari has taken out a Mercedes. Valtteri and I have both lost out in those situations.”

Vettel who now has an 8 point lead over Hamilton denied any foul play.

“It’s silly to think that anything happened was deliberate,” he stated.

“I don’t think there was an intention and l think it’s unnecessary to even go there.”

Ferrari then decided to join the party and tweet a rather cheeky comment that seemed to be directed at Hamilton.

Mercedes later decided to end the matter once and for all. The team took to social media to clarify that there was no accusation from them.

It’s safe to say the championship battle is HEATING UP.