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    Vietnam’s Retail and Consumer Services Grows 11.7% in 2018

    Vietnam’s retail sales and consumer services grew by 11.7 percent in 2018, driven by the growth in domestic demand and the tourism industry. Read more to know about the major economic activities in the sector and their growth forecast till 2025.

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    Vietnam: Wood Products Exports to Reach Record High in 2018

    Vietnam’s wood exports, accounting for six percent of the global market share, are expected to reach a record-high in 2018. Read more to know about the wood processing industry, exports, major processing regions, and the impact of upcoming trade agreements and government programs.

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    How to Set Up an NGO in Vietnam

    Socio-economic challenges have created a demand for NGOs in Vietnam. However, one needs to carefully study and understand the complicated regulatory environment in the country before setting up an organization. Read more to know about the types of NGOs, application procedures, and prohibited activities.

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    Vietnam Increases Feed-in-Tariffs for Wind Projects

    The government has increased the feed-in-tariffs for wind energy projects, which are already in effect since 1 November 2018. The new tariffs will ensure that the projects are more commercially viable for developers. Read more to know about the increased tariffs and the wind energy industry.

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    The Mental Healthcare Industry in Vietnam

    Demand for all forms of healthcare in Vietnam is growing. Even the mental healthcare sector which is facing challenges such as social stigma, limited resources, and lack of medical professionals, offers opportunities for foreign investors. Read more to know about the industry, mental health care issues, and businesses opportunities.

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    Vietnam’s Food Safety Regulations

    Vietnam continues to reform its food safety regulations to reduce technical barriers and align itself with international practices. Read more to know about the food safety regulations and steps businesses should take to ensure compliance.

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    State Divestment: Exciting Opportunities for Investors

    Since the last few years, equitization has been a focus for the Vietnamese government. With 406 divestment planned until 2020, investors have an opportunity to invest in some of the largest companies in Vietnam. Read more to understand the divestment policy, investment hurdles, and the major companies to be divested.

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    Vietnam’s Solar Power Market

    The potential for solar energy in Vietnam is huge and far from fully realized. With growing energy demand, the industry offers immense investment opportunities. Read more to know about the industry potential, current projects, incentives, regulations, and major challenges faced by investors.

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    Vietnam: Growing Demand for Healthcare Services

    Demographic changes and economic development has led to the rapid growth in healthcare spending, thereby opening new opportunities for investors in areas such as healthcare facilities, pharmaceuticals, and medical training. Read more to know about Vietnam’s healthcare industry, hospital systems, and investment opportunities.

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    Vietnam: Media Habits of FMCG Consumers

    With rapidly changing consumer trends, advertising is key for attracting and retaining consumers in a dynamic emerging market like Vietnam. Read more to know about the different advertising channels and how consumers differ in terms of region, reach, and frequency.

Showing 10 of 242 articles
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